Visiting Bard on the Beach with Mr. Amu

        7月7日,圆德校长阿木老师和一群喜爱文学的学生去Vanier Park观看了莎士比亚的《第十二夜》和《哈姆雷特》。


        舞台设在海滩上的大帐篷里。舞台的后面装置了可以拉动的大门窗,既是门也是窗, 演员可以借以出场入场。窗外的树影山景成为布景的一部分,甚得中国庭院借景概念的真谛。大帐篷中座无虚席,但东亚面孔甚少。


        现代的学生们能看懂莎士比亚吗?当然能。不光能,他们还很有批判意识。有同学问,既然这出戏的导演将故事发生的时间改设在2013,戏中人物都着现代衣装,而且哈姆雷特是使用手枪误杀了Ophelia 父亲的,那么为什么在决斗一幕人们纷纷倒地之时,竟无人打电话给911,这不是发生在2013年吗?结尾处,满舞台的尸体(四具),被学生批评为“太血腥, 太压抑了!”


        观莎剧之旅顺顺利利,悬念反而出在回家途中。出Vanier Park,在Burrard 桥的西端等了约15分种, 22路车没来。Christine 看着手机说还得48分钟。或问不会误了末班天车吧?皆曰到桥那边去等吧。一英里长的桥跑过,还没来。又走两站地。Kyle回头,来了。公车没收费。天车 端点悄无一人,但我们庆幸没有错过。


My Impression of the Hamlet by the Bard on the Beach

Nancy Qiu

        The Hamlet I watched is different from old versions. This one is updated to be set in 2013. Scenes are of this year. For example, a television sits on a desk at the back of the stage playing news of the wedding of the King and the Queen, or Hamlet’s “aunt mother” and “uncle father” quoting Hamlet himself. The play Hamlet tests his “uncle father” with is projected on a screen. These new changes make the play Hamlet fun and merry. The sword fight between Hamlet and Laertes excites the audience and puts them on the edge of their seats. In addition to changes in setting and scenes, this Bard on the Beach version is full of laughter. When Hamlet is thinking how to start the revenge, stepping at a drawn face of his “uncle father” saying: “To be or not to be, that is the question. “ I almost laughed out loud. However, this version does not forget the fact that the play Hamlet is a tragedy after all. At the end, everybody dies except Hamlet and his friend Horatio.

        Even though I did not understand 100% what the players are talking about, I was impressed by the actors' passion and apparent eloquent. I like this version of Hamlet very much because I like happy and funny things. The fun jokes made me feel better and I think this version is appropriate to young audience.