1. Why should I choose to learn English from Round Learnings?

A: Teachers of Round Learnings know the difficulty of learning English as a foreign language. Moreover, some of our teachers have overcome the difficulty of learning English as a foreign language and they can tell their students how they can do the same.

2. Why learn English writing and grammar from Round Learnings?

A: The teachers of Round Learnings explain the principles and the processes, individualize the understanding, demonstrate the different ways of writing, walk through all kinds of writing skills, and ask students to read examples of good writing and give assignments for student to exercise and improve their newly learned skills.
Moreover, the instructors of Round Learnings enable students to make sentences with grammar instead of explaining other people's sentences with it. My students are able to use what they have already learned to communicate rather than constantly feeling inadequate. There are many lists of words and sentences I give my students to repeat and to remember so that when it's time to make sentences, they can speak what they mean instantly.

3. How long is each class?

A: Each class is usually 2 hours or 3 hours long. We do not offer 1 hour class.

4. How many times a week for each class?

A: Every class is once a week. Students usually take 2 or 3 different courses, so some students come twice or three times a week.

5. Start classes anytime?

Yes. Because our courses are in circular arrangement, which will help students to start classes at anytime. We will make a fixed schedule for students.
What is the circular arrangement?
This is a way to arrange the courses. Each one of our courses has a fixed number of classes and units of content, usually twenty times for classes, forty units for content. The introductory course generalizes all learning content, it's also called the course outline. Each unit of content in every course, except for the introductory course, is independent of other classes and units. So after taking our introductory classes, those students who came later for the classes can start learning from any lesson with the students who started the class from the very beginning. For example, a student who came for a class that's started a few weeks ago can directly go into say, the ninth class with no problem. But at the same time, this student needs to be arranged to take the introductory course as soon as possible to catch up with all materials. Thus, when the other students have completed their last lesson, the students who came later can continue to take the classes that they missed, such as the first to eighth classes.

6. Do you give students entrance/diagnostic test?

A: Yes, we do. This way we can assess student's level and put them with other students of same level.

7. Do you give students homework?

A: Yes, we do give homework. We believe homework is a very important way for students to demonstrate what they have learned. We return students' homework the next class so that they still remember what they have done and are able to learn from their mistakes if there were any.

8. How many students in each class?

A: We teach small classes. The number of students in each class varies.