Grammar Class

Top ten signs that you are learning
the wrong kind of English grammar

  1. It's the last thing in English that you master although it's the first thing you learnt.
  2. It's the most familiar thing you feel the least familiar with.
  3. You put in the greatest effort to study it but you feel it has been the least rewarding.  
  4. Although you know it, you are constantly ashamed for never being able to use it when you speak.
  5. It is what you practice the most, yet it still needs more practice, according to your English teacher.
  6. It is the last thing you worry about at school but it's the first thing that makes you self-conscious in public.
  7. You understand it perfectly when your teacher points it out for you, but it is the thing that makes the teacher come over to point it out for you in the first place.
  8. It's the one thing you really want to know while it is perfectly OK if you know nothing about it.
  9. You know darn well it should be the most important thing about a language while it turns out to be absolutely useless for you.
  10. You know something was wrong with it but no one will ever point it out what is really wrong for you unless you come to Round Learnings.

Round Learnings
Grammar Descriptions:

It is a sentence generator, not a mere sentence analyzer, although we cover the same concepts.

  1. Tenses, question and negation.
  2. Voice.
  3. Modal and verbal.
  4. Subject verb agreement and inversion.
  5. Nouns, countable and non-countable, singular and plural.
  6. Pronouns and articles.
  7. Comparatives and superlatives.
  8. Adverb clauses and IF clauses.
  9. Noun clauses.
  10. Adjective clauses.
  11. Reduced adjective clauses.
  12. Reduced adverb.