Reading Class

The ability to read is not born with but bred into a person. We demand our students be committed in reading at set times. We ask our students to read all kinds of materials, paying attention to main idea, detail, summary, transition, and inference. We teach our students to read from the standpoint of the writer so as to learn how to write.

Reading is the most effective language context in which to learn other language skills.

We improve our students' reading speed, familiarize them with various themes, and writing styles. As a result, students develop interest and form habit in reading. Their performance in school and long term memory of vocabulary are improved.

Besides reading and writing skills, students learn about current affairs and cultural issues. They also develop critical thinking skills.

E.S.L. and Transitional students need to improve their reading skills fast to succeed in getting into and survive in colleges and universities. With a good habit in reading, there will be less hassle in study and life.