ESL to Trans

The purpose of our E.S.L. to Trans. program is to help students get out of E.S.L. in one year or less time, so that they do not have to waste two to three years among inefficient E.S.L. schools and poor English speakers.

For this purpose, Round Learnings works with students to develop not only students' language skills but also apply study strategies and clarify cultural differences. We believe that language is a part of culture, and the sense of language comes from the sense of culture.

E.S.L. to Trans. program at Round Learnings focuses on oral and written expression. Within six months, students could rid themselves of the interference of their mother tongue in their English. They stop translating their mother tongue into English. Instead, they start to speak fluently with authentic pronunciation and intonation. In addition, when they write, they could put aside, temporarily, their Eastern way of balanced and wholesome thinking and adopt the demand of English for a clean, precise, specific and unified writing that expresses a unique personal opinion.

Round Learnings is experienced in assisting E.S.L. students to transcend E.S.L. Many students move from E.S.L. to Trans. in 3 months. Our best record is for a student named Yi Wang, to move from E.S.L. III to I.B. Program (Britania) after 64 hours of study at Round Learnings.