Writing Class

Outlines of the Course:      We teach a student to:
  1. English Expository Essay: Purpose, basic principles and its structure.
  2. Paragraph as miniature essay: Topic, topic sentence, main idea, scale and detail.
  3. Paragraph development with facts, examples, details, anecdotes. cause and effects.
  4. Idea generation and flow
  5. Paragraph development with comparison and contrast.
  6. Expository essay structure reviewed and practiced.
  7. Thesis statement. Logical division and definition.
  8. Introduction by examples, description, definition, contrast and anecdote.
  9. Depth of thought
  10. Style
  11. Essay self-editing
  12. Understand essay topics
  • Understand expository essays.
  • See the unique characteristics of the English essay, including its purpose, audience, & structure.
  • Write effective topic sentence.
  • Stay within the scale of the main idea.
  • Develop detailed paragraphs.
  • Use facts, examples, anecdotes, comparison & contrast and cause & effect to back up the main idea.
  • Construct effective thesis, make attractive introduction and resonant conclusion.
  • Write essays with depth of thought.
  • Express opinions with style.
  • Find and edit out language errors before it is too late.
  • Be aware of current affairs.